Welcome to Premier Rehab Centres

Premier Rehab Centres is a leader in manual therapy providing a cutting edge treatment for muscular skeletal and neuromuscular conditions. Our mission is to improve your quality of life in a caring, comfortable setting by reducing your pain, improving your strength and restoring your optimal functional performance.

Our motto:

When pain is not an option Premier Rehab Centres is your trusted partner.

Premier Rehab Centres is a healthcare group, the only one of its kind in Kenya, East and Central Africa, that specializes in manual therapy treatment. We specialize in providing rapid recovery through high quality standard of care the same that you would get in America or Europe in each one of our locations. Our providers are highly skilled professionals, who specialize in providing outcome based musculoskeletal care. We strictly adhere to current evidence based practice and high quality standards that significantly help reduce recovery time as well as lower healthcare costs.  We focus on functional movement screening, segmental functional movement assessment, biomechanics, advanced skills in manual therapy that includes: active release techniques, fascial manipulation, fascial distortion model, active care, and kinesiology taping for the best individualized care to our clients.

Our treatment model forms the gold standard for the management of muscular, neuromuscular and soft tissue pain/injuries and overuse syndromes that cause pain. It is highly effective soft tissue treatment model designed to produce rapid recovery normally within four visits or less. In the treatment of acute and chronic muscular tension, joint restriction and nerve entrapments that cause pain. Our treatment reduces pain, restores normal joint range of motion and function, enhancing your overall recovery and functional performance pain free.

When pain is not an Option there is a faster road to recovery with the benefits of Premier Rehab Centres customized individual care plans, and precise rehabilitation care will get you back to your optimal performance in no time.